Are you looking at purchasing a brand new vehicle? If the answer is ‘YES’, CHANGECARS would love to assist. We work with more than 500 of South Africa’s biggest and best New Car Dealerships.

It is our commitment to make sure you get the very best pricing on a new vehicle purchase from A-V.

  • How does it work!

Bring us any written quote on a brand new vehicle of your choice and if it’s NOT from a Dealership we work with… we will smash it, beat it, improve it… You get the picture!

Simply email the quote/s you have received to and we will endeavor to have it beaten.

  • What does better mean in the real world!

From a CHANGECARS perspective it can be a number of things. Better price on your Trade in, more extra’s, less charges for on road fees and of course outright better pricing on new vehicles itself.

  • What do I pay for this service!

This is CHANGECARS, there are no surprises only results. There is no charge whatsoever only results that make you smile.

  • Who is this offer open to!

Everybody and allow us to explain. If you are a private individual or a large company with a fleet we would love to do business.

  • Am I obliged to make use of the bettered offer received from a CHANGECARS Dealership!

While CHANGECARS and our Dealerships we work with, would love to do business, you are under no obligation whatsoever.

To view a list of the incredible Dealerships we work with click here

If the Dealership you got your quote from is not on there…. Hello we are here to assist.

Michael Pashut

083 377 5432