ALL THINGS MOTORING that is the perfect way to describe Mike Pashut!

1991 was the year that an ambitious 18 year old started in the Motor Trade and his love for the industry has never waned. From the outset the passion, the attention to detail and the genuine desire to make a difference was there, 33 years later nothing has changed and truth be told never will!

You will go a long way to find someone who takes more pleasure interacting with customers and the public at large. Feel free to put that to the test on 083 377 5432

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As a young boy Ernest Page dreamt of becoming 3 things: A race car driver, a stunt man, and a motoring journalist. Today he is proud to have spent time in all these disciplines with varying success. Currently, Ernest works as a motoring journalist on TV, Radio and runs a successful channel called Performance with Page

No longer doing stunt driving, Ernest works as an advanced driving coach and competes in Rally Cross events with his project cars. To sum up what Ernest loves to spend his time doing? ALL THINGS MOTORING

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Emerging from the entertainment world Themba Robin joins the team as a budding motor enthusiast

With a keen interest in ALL THINGS MOTORING and impeccable comedic timing Themba brings a unique perspective that’s relatable for our new enthusiasts but still entertaining for even the most seasoned of Gearhead

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