Article by Jameel Ismail

Main image - Freepik


Looking to spend around R250 000 on a brand-new set of wheels but not convinced that a VW Polo Vivo is the right car for you?


If you have a budget of between R200 000 and R250 000, chances are you’ve considered a VW Polo Vivo. Take a drive to your local grocer and you are almost certain to notice more than one on your commute there and back home, and there's a good reason for this. The Vivo was the best-selling passenger car in May with over 1800 sales recorded for the month. While this may seem like the obvious choice around the 250k price bracket due to its build quality, availability of parts, highly modifiable nature and of course South Africa’s love affair with Golfs and Polos - It surely isn’t the only option and I assure you that there are good alternatives that will attract a much lower insurance premium and be a lot less risky to drive and own. 


Here are five alternatives to buying a Polo Vivo that are practical, stylish, safe, and economical.