The Toyota Corolla is no longer the mundane vehicle your old man or grandmother used to own back in the day. That's usually the first image that comes to mind when the Corolla name is mentioned, but the boys at Toyota have worked hard to change this perception, as we discovered with the Corolla hatch Hybrid, which looks nothing like a Corolla should.


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If you’ve had the privilege of spotting the current Toyota Corolla hatch out in the urban jungle, you’ll agree that its design is among the finer shapes in its segment. Toyota's designers went for a sporty look when crafting the new Corolla hatch - it has athletic lines and a sharp front with focused LED daytime running lights. Sitting on a standard set of 16 or 18-inch low-profile wheels (depending on the hybrid variant) completes the look. Aesthetically, there really isn't much to be done aftermarket, Toyota has done all the hard work for it to look the part.

Where does the ‘Hybrid’ fit in?

 Surely you noted the fact that this Toyota Corolla is a hybrid in the title of this article, but you may be wondering why one would want their sporty-looking Corolla hatch in hybrid? The answer is simple – fuel savings. You see, the addition of a battery cell and an electric motor aids in offsetting the 1.8l Corolla's fuel consumption. Granted, it doesn't have a massive electric range or battery capacity to store energy, however, it has enough to bring its average fuel consumption down to a real-world figure of around 5l/100km in an urban stop/go environment. Toyota claims a figure of 3.5l/100km. The 1.8l engine produces 103 kW, and as much as the Corolla hatch may exude athleticism, don't let appearances fool you, it's still a normal hatchback and not the whip-cracking GR Corolla.


Although impressed by the appropriate sports seats draped in Alcantara and leather, the lack of space for small items in the centre console can be frustrating. On the dash rests a media screen with smartphone mirroring through wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. On the right of that, Toyota has fitted a digital instrument cluster that's shaped like a conventional cluster with realistic-looking dials. Other manufacturers make the 'digital' part of the instrument cluster stand out by sticking a rectangular screen behind the steering wheel.

Heated front seats are a treat in the cold weather and the Corolla hatch Hybrid has them. As for rear seating, it's rare to find a hatchback with decent rear legroom for occupants – the Corolla is no exception. Legroom is limited in its rear half, leaving one to conclude that if you want legroom, buy an SUV. 

Toyota Corolla Hatch Price

Corolla Hatch 1.8 XS CVT Hybrid

R 531 200

Corolla Hatch 2.0 XR CVT

R 561 200

Corolla Hatch 1.8 XS CVT Hybrid

R 571 900

Corolla Hatch 2.0 XR CVT BT

R 572 500

Corolla Hatch 1.8 XR CVT Hybrid BT

R 583 100



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