Transporting your family in comfort does not have to empty your bank account, thanks to the solid value you could get from these five used family crossovers.


With new-car prices increasing almost every day, you might wonder if you’ll ever be able to replace your ageing family car with something newer and nicer. But, if you knew where to look, you could get yourself into a much nicer, late-model family crossover for the same money as you’d spend on a new compact hatchback or small SUV like a mid-spec VW Polo or a Hyundai Venue.


We decided to set some filters before looking through the listings for family SUVs on Using our mid-level Polo hatch’s pricetag as a guide, we decided on a price limit of R 400 000, capped eligible vehicles’ ages at four years, and set a mileage restriction of 60 000 km.


Why did we apply these filters? Because you’d like to at least keep this SUV until it’s fully paid-off before it becomes necessary to move on to the next vehicle, and because your family deserves to be transported in a reliable vehicle with good safety credentials. Here are some of the used gems we found on sale.