Motorists are almost certainly in for another lashing in October when fuel prices are expected to take another upwards leap – this based on unaudited data from the Central Energy Fund (CEF).

The Automobile Association says the current data is indicating an increase in petrol of around R1,20/litre and an increase in the wholesale price of diesel by as much as R2,0/litre. Illuminating paraffin is also set for another increase with the data currently showing an under-recovery of R1,84/itre.

“Should these significant increases materialise, they will push fuel prices to levels last seen in July last year, stretching the personal finances of South Africans even further. Higher fuel prices will invariably lead to higher prices at the till, which will be a blow to many who are already experiencing financial distress,” says the AA.

Higher Oil Prices

According to the CEF’s data, the main driver behind the potential increases are higher international oil prices which have climbed substantially since August, mainly on the back of reduced output by major oil-producing nations.

The CEF’s data shows that in the case of petrol, up to 80% of the increase can be attributed to higher oil prices while these prices are responsible for up to 86% of the expected climb to the price of diesel. The poorer Rand/US Dollar exchange is contributing to the increases, but its impact, at the moment, is minimal compared to that of rising oil prices.

“The outlook is certainly bleak, although it has improved a little since the beginning of the month. With two more weeks before the official adjustment for October is made, South Africans will be hoping the downward trajectory continues. Although increases are now a certainty for October, the question will be by how much fuel prices will ultimately rise,” concludes the AA.

Colin Windell - proudly ALL THINGS MOTORING