To begin, let's talk about the car: at the beginning of the 80s, the Bavarian brand gave the impression that it did not plan to create anything else with a marked sports character; The BMW M1 was great and did its job perfectly but everything seemed to stay with it.

The M1 did its job so well that it served as inspiration for BMW to give birth to the entire M range , and the M635CSi was the first of them.

Based on the 1976 series 6 and with a series of updates in line with the aesthetics of the time, the M635CSi had an imposing and voluminous appearance , especially due to its elongated nose and its large bumper for the M model; Without a doubt we are looking at a GT with that proportion of luxury, comfort and sportiness that many of us love.

Its mechanics are inspired by what was learned in Formula 1, with an engine of outstanding power and elasticity. I'm not saying it, Piquet says it: a 3.5-liter inline 6-cylinder with 286 HP to move more than 1,600 kg . In many of the tests of the time, its gearbox stands out, smooth and with a long ratio that takes advantage of the enormous torque of the propeller to increase revs from the bottom and go over 250 km/h. We only have to see his behavior, but for that let's leave Nelson...