In the realm of two-wheels, a new saga unfolds with Indian Motorcycle, hailed as a pioneer of America's motorcycle legacy, unfurling the veil on the next era of the Indian Scout. Delving deep into the essence of Scout lineage, the dawn of the 2025 Indian Scout fleet pays homage to its storied past, boasting five distinct models, three tiers of refinement and a treasure trove of more than 100 Scout-centric accessories.

Indian Scout Bobber

This latest kin of Scouts bows to Indian Motorcycle's roots while embracing a fusion of quintessential American aesthetics, a mix of power and precision and the avant-garde technology tailored for the rider.

Across the range, anti-lock braking emerges as the stalwart guardian of rider confidence and braking finesse, while select models extend their prowess with Traction Control and Ride Modes, granting riders the reins to personalise their journey with the push of a button.

Mike Dougherty, the helm bearer of Indian Motorcycle, says: "The Scout epitomises the spirit of American cruising and remains the heart of Indian Motorcycle. As our flagship, the Scout has always been the cornerstone of our offerings."

Ola Stenegärd, the maestro of Product Design at Indian Motorcycle, shares his elation: "Crafting the next chapter of the Scout saga has been a dream realised. Our focus was to honor the timeless legacy of the Scout while imbuing the new lineup with the spirit of its predecessors."

Indian Sport Scout

Indian Sport Scout

At the epicenter of the reimagined Indian Scout lies the all-new 1 250cc liquid-cooled V-Twin engine – the SpeedPlus 1250. Unleashing up to 82 kW of power and 109 Nm of torque, each Indian Scout promises an adrenaline-laden journey with seamless throttle response courtesy of electronic fuel injection, coupled with a responsive six-speed transmission for a spirited jaunt.

Ben Lindaman, the guardian of Indian Motorcycle's product portfolio, chimes in: "The Scout holds a special place in our hearts as an iconic and historic model that resonates with riders worldwide. With the evolution of the midsize cruiser segment, our research propelled us to prioritise the Scout's iconic design, top-tier performance, and rider-focused technology."

To elevate an American icon like the Indian Scout, Indian Motorcycle set its compass on three cardinal points.

First and foremost, the new Scout had to remain steadfast to its legendary design DNA, a beacon cherished by riders.

Indian motorcycle lifestyle

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Secondly, the fleet was meticulously engineered to cater to the diverse needs of riders, boasting a nimble build and a low seat height for unwavering handling and rider confidence. Lastly, technology emerged as the linchpin of the new Scout, offering a plethora of tech packages for riders to tailor their experience, ensuring they're abreast of the latest industry innovations.

The 2025 Indian Scout lineup, a phoenix risen from the ashes, encompasses five models across three tiers of refinement, ensuring there's a style and price point tailored for every rider.

Among the brethren stands the Indian Scout Bobber, an epitome of raw power cloaked in a stripped-down guise, emanating an aura of aggression with its blacked-out features, chopped fenders, and solo seat, offering a minimalist yet commanding ride.

The Indian Sport Scout, a testament to history reborn in contemporary elegance, injects a dash of audacity into the lineup with its sleek silhouette and sporty accents. The Scout Classic marries heritage-inspired design with modern cruiser sensibilities, bedecked with premium chrome touches and an eternal allure.

For the adventurers yearning for distant horizons, the Indian Super Scout comes adorned with saddle bags, windshield, and passenger pillion, the perfect accomplice for enduring journeys. Finally, the Indian 101 Scout, boasts premium craftsmanship and unparalleled performance for those who crave speed and sophistication.

Introducing three technology tiers for the 2025 model year, Indian Motorcycle ensures there's a Scout tailored to every rider's predilections. Commencing with the Standard Trim, riders are bestowed with anti-lock braking, new LED lighting, and an analog gauge adorned with fuel level and economy metrics.


Indian motorcycle

Indian Super Scout

The Limited Trim bestows premium badging and augmented technology such as Traction Control, Cruise Control, USB Charger, and selectable ride modes. At the zenith, the Limited +Tech Trim elevates the Scout experience with a 101 mm Round Touchscreen Display, keyless ignition, and RIDE COMMAND+ connected services, offering the epitome of riding opulence.

In a world where the siren call of the open road beckons and the thunderous heartbeat of a potent engine stirs the soul, the 2025 Indian Scout lineup stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of adventure.

Colin Windell