Chery Tiggo 9 is larger and more luxurious, yet should still offer great value for money when it arrives.

If the high-performance Chery Tiggo 8 Pro Max isn’t quite plush enough for your taste, the brand-new Tiggo 9 could be just the ticket when it arrives in 2025.

With the AWD version of the Chery Tiggo 8 Pro Max having recently reached our shores, the company has now announced its plans to launch the new, range-topping Tiggo 9 in South Africa in 2025. This will expand Chery's presence in our ultra-competitive mid-sized SUV segment, and add even more sophistication to the rapidly-expanding Tiggo model range.

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South Africa will receive the 7-seater version of the Chery Tiggo 9 in 2024

Petrol and PHEV options

We were fortunate enough to attend the 2024 Beijing Auto Exhibition, where the new high-end, global-market Tiggo 9 was revealed with a choice between petrol, plug-in hybrid, and electric powertrains. South Africa likely won’t receive the EV any time soon, but the petrol and hybrid are both confirmed for our market.

Chery’s familiar and potent 2.0-litre four-cylinder serves in the combustion-only model, and produces 187 kW and 390 Nm. This variant should be available with either FWD or AWD, and is likely to use the same 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox as the Tiggo 8 Pro Max. The plug-in hybrid uses a 1.5-litre turbo engine, which uses the Miller combustion cycle to achieve claimed thermal energy conversion efficiency of more than 45%. This engine is paired with an electric motor powered by 750V architecture to provide total system outputs of 175 kW and 385 Nm, and drives all four wheels through an 8-speed torque-converter automatic transmission.

Chery's corporate grille design is also evolved and applied to the Tiggo 9. It manages to look imposing without being over the top, but its smooth finish might take some getting used to.

The hybrid’s output figures should give it strong performance, but its fuel efficiency may be its ultimate drawcard. With a claimed average consumption of only 5.2 litres/100 km, the Tiggo 9 PHEV should be capable of travelling more than 1 200 km on a single tank of petrol and a fully-charged battery.

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Comfort is the keyword in the Chery Tiggo 9, which features high-end luxuries such as an extending seat base, massage functions and a plethora of electric adjustments..Image:

Only the 7-seater will come to SA

While the Tiggo 9’s final specifications will only be revealed closer to its South African arrival, we do know that it will only come over in 7-seater format, with no plans to offer the 5-seater available elsewhere. However, given its size advantage over the Tiggo 8 series, it’s fair to assume that it will offer even more cabin space and a useable third row.

The keyword here is luxury, however. Every conceivable gadget, convenience feature and advanced driving assistant will be included as standard, right down to the front passenger seat featuring an extending base to support the occupant’s legs, with heating, ventilation and massaging included alongside electric adjustment with memory functions. 

Every conceivable optional extra will be standard equipment in the new Chery Tiggo 9Image:

Chery Tiggo 9 introduction and pricing

It’s early days yet, but Chery SA has indicated that their new flagship is planned to arrive on local soil in the first quarter of 2025. This is obviously too far in the future to allow accurate price estimates, but it’s very likely to remain below the R 1-million mark (for the ICE version, at least). And, if the plug-in hybrid manages to achieve similar pricing, performance, luxury and value could finally find a way to peacefully co-exist in one vehicle.

Martin Pretorius


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