The global race towards full-scale production of electric vehicles is on, and Volvo, like other car manufacturers, is in the race to have an all-electric vehicle range by 2030.
With the onset of climate change forcing the world to change, the internal combustion engine (ICE) is being culled one variant at a time. It's sad to imagine a world void of sonorous V8s and high-pitched 12-cylinder vehicles, but this is the direction the globe is moving in, Volvo included.

Volvo Hyrbrids

Globally, the Scandinavian firm has begun its roll-out of alternative energy vehicles. Rome was not built in a single day, and neither will this endeavour be achieved overnight. To reach their goal of a fully electric line-up, it begins with models such as the XC60 Recharge, XC90 Recharge and other models in Volvo's hybrid range. You may be wondering why the need for hybrid variants when the firm is capable of producing fully electric vehicles like the new Volvo EX30 SUV.  The logic is simple, hybrids are there to slowly bridge the gap between internal combustion vehicles and fully electric variants. Easing people into this new way of mobility is rather smart and allows for a smoother transition.

Fully electric models

In its effort to turn away from burning fossil fuels, Volvo is steadily building up its electric vehicle range. Currently on offer is the XC40 Recharge, a compact SUV with a range of up to 418km. Should crossovers be more suited to your tastebuds, you may want to look at the C40 Recharge, the electric crossover within the range, offering an range of up to 444km. The Swedes have taken things one step further with the C40 Recharge and produce it with a leather-free interior. With this budding electric range, in order to sustain the buzz Volvo recently unveiled its latest EV offering, the EX30 SUV. Being the smallest SUV in the brand's catalogue, the EX30 is the gatekeeper to Volvo's SUV and EV range. It will be offered in four variants with varying electric ranges and battery sizes - an uncommon but brilliant way of making a model accessible.

The benefits of owning an electric vehicle go beyond rescuing the planet from 'imminent disaster' as some would like to see it, but there are benefits to the owner as well. EV's cost far less to run than their ICE counterparts, they also make life easier because you plug your vehicle into the power soocket at the end of each day, as you would your smartphone for a full overnight recharge.