Chery South Arica is not holding back with range-building in the country and is backing up the promise it made to introduce hybrid (HEV), plug-in hybrid (PHEV), battery electric (BEV) and other NEV models into international markets in the coming year.

“Chery has outperformed the South African market consistently over the past two years, and we believe we can further accelerate our sales performance by entering the NEV market.

“As our short history in South Africa has shown, we do not simply enter a new market segment with a new model. We compete aggressively by offering some of the best specifications, the best possible warranty and the best possible range of value-added products.

“This has allowed us not only to win sales from competitor brands, but also to grow the market segment we have entered,” says Tony Liu, Deputy Executive General Manager of Chery South Africa.

Chery has seen significant sales growth in the NEV market in its home country with its range of PHEV and BEV models that includes its new Tiggo 7 Pro and Tiggo 8 Pro Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles.

The Tiggo PHEV models use a hybrid system that was developed by Chery and tested over 5-million kilometres and 30 000 hours.

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At the heart of this system is a new dual electric motor system with a clean-burning turbo-petrol internal combustion engine. The system is a full hybrid, which means that it can run on electricity alone, combine both power units or use the internal combustion engine alone.

“One of the many benefits of the extensive testing of the hybrid system is that our Chery engineers were able to develop very specific driving modes for every use case. This is built into the hybrid system and the vehicle will switch between the systems automatically,” says Liu.

 “In our real-world testing, the new PHEV Tiggo models offer a range of close to 1 000 kilometres. We cannot wait to introduce them in South Africa.”

Colin Windell


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