It is celebration time for lovers of the various iterations of the Volkswagen Golf as the marque notches up its 50th year - and does so with a bit of a revamp.

The revised version features up-specced infortainment with ChatGPT integration and a new plug-in hybrid with around 100 km available on all-electric power.

In terms of design, the new Golf features a sharper front end, 3D light graphics on the tail light clusters and, for the first time, an illuminated Volkswagen badge on the front.

Also new are the enhanced multi-function steering wheel and new IDA2 voice assistant. Using natural language, the IDA can be used not only to control functions such as the air-conditioning, telephone or navigation system, but also to access online information from all conceivable areas – from weather forecasts to general knowledge questions.

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The new plug-in hybrid drives in the Golf offer increased power and an electric range of about 100 km, and are additionally equipped with a DC quick-charging function. The highly efficient 48 V mild hybrid drives are particularly appealing for drivers who have  no charging wall box at home. Mild hybrid (eTSI), plug-in hybrid (eHybrid1 and GTE1), turb-ocharged petrol (TSI) and turbo-charged diesel (TDI) variants will be available for the product line in the launch phase.

To date, more than 37-million Golfs have been sold across eight generations.

Colin Windell