From Brezza to brilliant: The new Suzuki Fronx is sure to make its opponents frown.

What is the Suzuki Fronx?

Its name is unusual, but the new Suzuki Fronx small crossover may just be the biggest automotive surprise of 2023. Replacing the Suzuki Brezza and slotting in below the new Grand Vitara, the new Suzuki Fronx presents a hugely appealing blend of practicality, value for money, and a genuinely fun-to-drive character, wrapped in a stylish and contemporary body and representing excellent value for money

With main opponents including the Hyundai Venue, Kia Sonet, Renault Kiger, and Nissan Magnite, the Suzuki Fronx crossover competes in a crowded and popular market segment. But it’s very different from any of these alternatives on most fron(x)ts, set apart from the herd by being great to drive, and looking rather more upmarket than its positioning would suggest. It is less expensive than those opponents, and has more standard comfort- and convenience features, too.


Built according to the established compact crossover recipe, there’s nothing particularly unusual about the Fronx’s on-paper specifications. It has four comfortable seats (five, if those occupants are of average size or smaller) and a practical luggage volume of at least 304 litres, along with a comprehensive standard specification sheet and elevated ride height

Derived from the same Suzuki “HEARTECT B” platform as the Swift and Baleno, the Fronx is designed to slot into the Indian-market “4-metre” class, which attracts much lower road tax penalties in its home country. But, unlike the Brezza which came before it, the Fronx is a genuinely good-looking car, with none of the abrupt, angular styling cues which gave its predecessor some rather ungainly proportions.