If your budget only stretches to a new entry-level hatchback but you also need to cart your family around, these used crossovers will be much more practical for a similar outlay.

Even though new-car prices are climbing at an alarming rate, plenty of great value can still be had in the lower end of the used-car marketplace. We compiled this list of 5 used crossovers to ferry your family about in greater comfort, and with more practicality and better features than you’d get in a new entry-level hatchback.

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Hunting through the used-SUV listings on CHANGECARS, we set a few boundary parameters for worthy contenders. Firstly, their pricetags had to between R 250 000 and R 300 000, because that’s what the mainstream Polo Vivo variants cost at the time of publication. According to the CHANGECARS car finance calculator, this will translate to a monthly repayment of about R 5 500 over 72 months, given a 10% deposit, an interest rate of 13.75%, and no balloon payment.

Secondly, they had to be fairly new, because you may need to hold onto it for a few years without major mechanical worries on the horizon. To this end, we set an age limit of 5 years and a mileage cap of 100 000 km. For the same reason, we also decided to avoid automatic gearboxes and diesel engines, because those could become problematic (or at least maintenance-intensive) in the longer term as these cars age.

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Renault Kiger

Ignore the non-turbo versions because 52 kW simply isn’t enough, and rather avoid the self-shifting options as well, because the non-turbo engine gets a dim-witted and clunky automated manual and the turbo engine uses a CVT. The Kiger to have comes equipped with a 1.0-litre turbo engine and a manual gearbox, and can be had in either mid-level “Zen” or high-end “Intens” trim levels.

A new Kiger 1.0T Zen will set you back almost R 320 000, and opting for an Intens adds another R 20 000 to that list price, but used examples sell for considerably less than that. In fact, you can get a 2022 1.0T Intens manual with less than 40 000 km for R 250 000, which is a very good price for a compact crossover with 74 kW/160 Nm and a comprehensive standard features list. While its service plan will have expired at this age, you’ll still enjoy the 3 years remaining on its factory warranty.

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Nissan Magnite

Because the Magnite is essentially a reskinned Kiger, the same drivetrain caveats apply - the one to get is the 1.0T with a manual gearbox. It once again offers 74 kW and 160 Nm, but is available in 4 trim levels from new. Even a new, entry-level Magnite can be had within our budget span, but used examples offer even better value for money.

Save around R 40 000 by opting for a 2022 Magnite 1.0T Acenta manual with around 10 000 km on its odo instead of buying a new one, and still enjoy 4 years of factory warranty coverage and at least one more service on the house.

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Toyota Urban Cruiser/Suzuki Vitara Brezza

These models have now been superseded by a new-gen Urban Cruiser and the Suzuki Fronx, respectively, but that fact doesn’t diminish the value proposition on offer with the first-generation model. Around R 260 000 can get you a 2022 Vitara Brezza 1.5 GL manual with less than 20 000 km on its odo on CHANGECARS, or a mid-spec Urban Cruiser 1.5 Xs of similar vintage and mileage.

Apart from their solid reputation for reliability and affordable maintenance, these twins also major on fuel efficiency, and outputs of 77 kW and 138 Nm should ensure adequate performance. There will also still be at least 1 year of its manufacturer’s warranty left on the Toyota, while the Suzuki will have another 3 years of OEM cover left for added peace of mind.

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Haval H6C

This is a bit of an odd-ball choice, but consider this: The Haval H6C from the previous generation was a well-equipped and attractive vehicle, from a larger size class and with a larger engine than any of the other options on this list. Yes, you’ll have to settle for an older example from 2019 or 2020, but you’ll be getting a lot of car, power, and features for the money. While a dual-clutch automatic transmission is available, we’d stick to the 6-speed manual in the interest of long-term durability.

About R 280 000 can get you into a Haval H6C 2.0T manual with around 60 000 km on the clock in top-end Luxury trim, which comes with everything from electric driver’s seat adjustment and xenon headlights to an opening panoramic sunroof, and it throws 140 kW and 310 Nm in the bargain as well. These cars have also proven themselves to be fairly trouble-free, so you could expect many more years of plush, good-looking and affordable motoring.

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Hyundai Venue

CHANGECARS is awash with Hyundai Venues, and a large portion of those are equipped with the 1.2-litre 4-cylinder engine. However, we’d pass on those because you could get a 2021 1.0T manual for about R 270 000 instead. This will give you the entry-level “Motion” trim, but you’ll get 88 kW and 175 Nm in compensation for settling for the lower equipment specification.

If you like the Venue, buying a used one makes a lot of sense: A 3-year-old car with around 30 000 km represents a saving of more than R 100 000 compared to a new one, but will still benefit from at least another 2 years of OEM warranty cover. Alternatively, you could consider a Kia Sonet 1.5 EX of similar age around this price point, but then you’d lose that punchy 1.0-litre turbo engine in the process, so the Hyundai remains our pick between these related models.

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Martin Pretorius